James Inglis
James Inglis

Our Fitting System

How do we fit people through the post? Simple! We measure every customer through the post using our own measuring chart. With this chart we have successfully fitted thousands of satisfied customers across the UK and abroad for decades.

Once measured we keep a detailed file of your personal fitting information which can then be used every time you order.

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Why use our fitting system?

Many shops no longer stock multi size and width footwear or offer a self-service and have given up measuring people correctly which can lead to problems later in life. Because our footwear fits properly it's important to make sure you get the correct size and width you need for your feet.

Why can't I just look inside my shoes and get the size?

You can, but we find many new customers are not even wearing the right size and width for their feet (even customers who have been shopping at other specialist shops!) so you may find shoes appearing to fit but are actually doing your feet harm. With Accu-Fit we can tell you exactly what you need and it doesn't cost you a penny!

What about sizing?

Not a problem! We take all the hassle out of sizing by converting all our imported footwear to UK sizes for you. Simply quote your UK size when ordering.

Remember: Most of our footwear is made with combination lasts e.g. a narrow (AA) shoe will have an even narrower (AAAA) heel, and have some of the most advanced comfort features available.